Tim Barron

Hi Ya'll,
I just wanted to thank ya'll very much for what you have done for me so far. MAN! What ears Nick has!!!! And, he made pretty darn quick work of it too, except for the questions that Pete and I (mostly Pete, I'll take the extra half hour out of his cut of the millions I'm gonna make from this record, harharharharharhar) would throw at him from time ta time. I appreciate ya'll letting us both come down to watch and input. It makes a fella kinda feel like he's really gettin' his money's worth! It was also a REAL pleasure meeting all of ya'll, Diane, Jerry, Mary and Nick of course. It's always nice to work with such nice folks. I hope to have some more tunes for yall ta do soon as I can. I already have a handful of places that will put these two songs on their juke box. Ya never know, I might get lucky:-)
God Bless all ya'll at Terra Nova,
Tim Barron
Buck Mallard