DDP Player

Terra Nova Mastering is including a DDP player with all DDP masters now. Clients can listen directly to their masters, make wav files, burn discs and check metadata like CD-Text and ISRC.

How to listen to your master:

  1. download your DDP Master .zip file
  2. unpack your .zip (by double-clicking or opening with an application like WinZip)
  3. inside your master folder, you'll find a folder labeled player
  4. depending on your operating system click on the appropriate player icon to open your player


In the past few months, we've had several requests for masters to be sent over the internet to the manufacturing plant.  DDP is the perfect format for this.  Many plants will give you FTP information to send the DDP master to their facility or a login to a webpage that you can upload the file.  I like this trend and recommend this for clients that have chosen replicators that accept DDP masters.


DDP stands for Disc Description Protocol.  It is a format used to send technical information about the structure and contents of optical discs (CD, DVD, HD-DVD) to a replication plant.  It was developed by Doug Carson and Associates, Inc. in 1989 and DCA, Inc. still owns the format.  It is the industry standard for most optical media premasters.   In the past, DDP images have been delivered on DLT (Digital Linear Tape) or Exabyte (another digital tape technology), but can now also be sent over FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or on another digital storage medium.

A master is a data storage device that transports the final recorded product to the replication plant.  The two most common formats today are Red Book PQ-Masters and DDP Masters.