There are several music databases on the web that you can go browse and look and information related to music.  Some include the Gracenote CDDB, The All Music Guide, FreeDB and MusicBrainz.  What are the differences between them?  I've posted about the CDDB and All Music Guide before.  Both of these databases are used frequently by the musicians I work with and around every day.  You can read more about them by clicking these links.

A question that is asked to me routinely several times a week.  Why do my track titles show up as 'Audio Track 1' etc. . . when I put my CD in the computer?  There are several explanations of this occurrence.

There are several resources online that list album credits.  They populate their databases right off of the album artwork that is submitted.  Generally, they do not accept changes or anything that is not physically printed on the artwork of the album.  The two main places I've found online are and  Established in 1991, the All Music Guide (AMG) has been the definitive source for information about the quickly expanding