There are several music databases on the web that you can go browse and look and information related to music.  Some include the Gracenote CDDB, The All Music Guide, FreeDB and MusicBrainz.  What are the differences between them?  I've posted about the CDDB and All Music Guide before.  Both of these databases are used frequently by the musicians I work with and around every day.  You can read more about them by clicking these links.


The Recording Academy has started a new campaign to enhance fans' discovery of new music by ensuring all music creators are credited for their work on digitally released recordings.  This means you can look at who the producer or mix engineer on a particular recording on your iPod (or other player) right from its screen.  You could discover other albums by a particular producer you like or discover several of your favorite albums are by the same producer and find other recording by him.


"So, how can I make money with my music that ends up on YouTube?" a client asked me last week.  I promptly told him I had no idea, but it probably had to do with getting tens of thousands of hits and then advertisers deciding they wanted to put ads on your chanel. . .  I thought for a little whlie longer and decided it would be a great blog post because I'm sure there are many independant musicians that would love to know.


Nick Landis is now a Certified Mastered For iTunes Mastering Engineer.


It seems that every day I hear of a new way to get your songs to the digital marketplace, so it's about time for an update on Digital Distribution methods for your music.  In a more strict sense of the term, digital distribution relates not just to music but eBooks, movies, ringtones, photography, software programs and apps among other things.  There are a lot of stores. . .



Mastered for iTunes made a splash a few months ago when Apple made the announcement that they would accept higher resolution masters for AAC (like MP3) release. I was highly skeptical that it would make the files sound better. 


Featuring GRAMMY Award-Winning Engineer Chuck Ainlay

(A GRAMMY GPS Texas Summer Speaker Series Event) 

Saturday, June 16

2 – 5 p.m.


Community Bible Church I 2477 North Loop 1604 East San Antonio, TX 78232               


Recording Academy members will get up close and personal with GRAMMY-winning engineer Chuck Ainlay who will discuss the state of audio quality today and into the future.


I'm wanting to get back into time lapse photography. . . but I didn't do too well on this attempt.  It's too dark to see anything.  More to come soon, hopefully.