Nick Landis is now a Certified Mastered For iTunes Mastering Engineer.


It seems that every day I hear of a new way to get your songs to the digital marketplace, so it's about time for an update on Digital Distribution methods for your music.  In a more strict sense of the term, digital distribution relates not just to music but eBooks, movies, ringtones, photography, software programs and apps among other things.  There are a lot of stores. . .



Mastered for iTunes made a splash a few months ago when Apple made the announcement that they would accept higher resolution masters for AAC (like MP3) release. I was highly skeptical that it would make the files sound better. 


Featuring GRAMMY Award-Winning Engineer Chuck Ainlay

(A GRAMMY GPS Texas Summer Speaker Series Event) 

Saturday, June 16

2 – 5 p.m.


Community Bible Church I 2477 North Loop 1604 East San Antonio, TX 78232               


Recording Academy members will get up close and personal with GRAMMY-winning engineer Chuck Ainlay who will discuss the state of audio quality today and into the future.


I'm wanting to get back into time lapse photography. . . but I didn't do too well on this attempt.  It's too dark to see anything.  More to come soon, hopefully.




Nick Landis is the new Vice President elect for the Recording Academy Texas Chapter.


A list of FTP client applications.



The free FTP solution from Mozilla (the guys that make FireFox web browser). I recommend this application for everyone. It works both on a Mac (OSX 10.4.11 needed, and you might have to find the older version) and PC. The user interface is very user friendly, can save your settings for an easy re-connect, and does a great job of visually representing the local computer (on the left) and the remote server (on the right). Most people can stop reading right here.



Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 has read-only FTP capabilities, but there is a button that opens the server in Windows Explorer for complete access. Open Internet Explorer 7 Type in the address. Don't forget you are trying to connect to an FTP server and not a web server (that means use the ftp:// instead of the http://). The formula is ftp:// . You can also put your password in to skip the login window. That formula is ftp://username: . If you didn't put your username in you will get a dialog box asking for login info.