Thursday, March 13, 2014

5:30 – 9:00 p.m.

Four Seasons Hotel (on the lawn overlooking Lady Bird Lake) - 98 San Jacinto Boulevard - Austin, TX 78701

Live music - Food - Cash Bar


Starting spring 2014, Nick will be teaching at Texas State University in San Marcos as a Visiting Assistant Professor.  Nick will be lecturing about mastering for the senior audio lab.


The new ExSRT website is up and going again!  After about a year down, we have a lot of info that was lost when we lost the last server.  If you are alumni of the SRT program, please go to the site and register/update your profile.  If you know someone, send them that way too.  We lost the contact info for much of our membership before.  New content should be coming soon.


A Texas Chapter Professional Development Conference

Saturday, June 29, 2013

W Austin Hotel

The Texas Chapter will present a day-long professional development event with insightful and inspiring presentations by trail blazers, innovators, and leaders in entertainment, business, and technology.

Admission is free for Voting, Associate and GRAMMY U members of The Recording Academy. $75 for non-members.


The Recording Academy P&E Wing hosted a great professional development retreat at Blue Rock Artist Ranch with Andrew Scheps, Eric Boulanger and Tim Palmer all speaking.  Andrew spoke about delivering quality listening experiences to the music consumer, Eric spoke about the Mastered for iTunes program and Tim moderated a panel discussion with everyone.  This was all capped off with a live performace by Phoebe Hunt.  Just a wonderful way to spend a day!


I'll be speaking at the Firestation Studios at Texas State University about preparing your mixes for mastering.  There will be listening examples and technical details.  This event is open to non-members as well.

Tuesday April 16th 2013
7pm - 9pm
Fire Station Studios
224 N Guadalupe


After suffering a debilitating stroke, legendary bassist Chuck Rainey was making significant progress when his house burned down.  We are organizing a benefit to help bridge the gaps caused by his financial losses.  Let's show him how much we appreciate him while he's able to enjoy some love from the community.  Want to know more about Chuck's career, look at his discography.


The Recording Academy Texas Chapter presents the annual...


Thursday, March 14, 2013

6 - 9 p.m.

Four Seasons Hotel, Austin TX

(on the lawn overlooking Lady Bird Lake)

complimentary dinner – cash bar – industry exclusive event





GRAMMY's At The Texas Capitol is an advocacy initiative for the music industry in Texas.  We try to raise awareness of the economic and cultural impact of the recording arts by talking to politicians at the Texas capitol.  Tuesday Feb. 26th 2013 is Texas GRAMMY advocacy day.

Want to know more?

National GRAMMY's on the Hill

GRAMMY's At The Texas Capitol Mixer


Did you know you may have royalties from your music out there that noone can find you to pay you?  SoundExchange is a non-profit entity that collects royalties for satellite radio, internet radio and cable television.  They are the official entity that collects royalties for both artists and record labels in the United States.  The SoundExchange website has a searchabel database of eveyone that is owed royalties.  If you find your name, just register an account and let the mailbox money come in!