A master is a data storage device that transports the final recorded product to the replication plant.  The two most common formats today are Red Book PQ-Masters and DDP Masters.
The last creative step in the recording process and the first technical step in the replication process.
1. Experienced Engineers - with many years of expertise, mastering records on a daily basis, bringing a broad range of technical skill and musical knowledge to their work. Audio Quality is their top priority. Thousands of real mastering credits of artists whose names you may actually recognize! 2. Specialized Mastering Rooms - large acoustically tuned rooms for accurate optimal listening conditions. Creature comfortable furniture and free WiFi.

Welcome to my blog.  I hope to connect with clients and friends in a friendly and casual dialogue about mastering and the entire final steps in finishing an album.  Feel free to create an account and post comments and questions that you would like answered.  Also, you can always contact me directly with any questions via eMail.


 - nick



A detail shot of a tree along the San Marcos river in San Marcos, TX.


This is a bed and breakfast nearby.  Ashley and I spent a few days here relaxing and enjoying the area.


Watched a thunderstorm roll in tonight and it gave a great light show.  I always enjoy thunderstorms.