This week, the authors of The Indie Band Survuval GuideRandy Chertkow and Jason Feehan, spoke at the Grammy Pro Business Summit in Austin. They gave an information-dense presentation of basically everything a band trying to make money needs to know.


OwnCloud is a file sharing platform like DropBox or similar services.  They have paid enterprise solutions and free open source offerings.  Go to to learn more about the open source choices.  They let you install the system on your own server giving you complete and total control over the files.  This is especially good if security is a concern or privacy is needed.  I was exploring this solution for a file sharing solution that I didn't have to upload out of the building to send large files to clients.


Martin Theophilus profiled Terra Nova mastering for the Museum of Magnetic Sound Recording. Jerry and I were happy to talk about analog recorders.

Published on Apr 27, 2015


ID3 tags are where metadata with most MP3 files is stored.  It isn't really a standard because different people/companies made contributions, but because of its wide use almost every program that plays or creates MP3 files can read this metadata.  There is so much information you can put in these files but almost noone uses most of the fields.  You can embedd album covers, booklet pages, titles, artists, genre, ISRC, UPC, website links, and the list goes on.  Oh...  the list...


Here is the list:


I have exciting news this week!  The Sin City: A Dame To Kill For (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) is released this week.  The movie premiered last week and I saw it yesterday.  After reading mixed reviews, I wasn't sure what to expect, but I though it was ok.  I'm very excited to have worked on this project and can't wait until I have my own copy of the soundtrack to put on the studio wall.


So, I went to Viva Big Bend music festival in West Texas last weekend.  I went out to attend a Grammy networking event we were hosting during the festiva.  This is the third year that there has been a "Meet the Grammys" networking event.  I took the opportunity to take the trip to the beautiful Big Bend area and I also took some pictures.  Here are a few of them.


First, lets start with what 'two-factor authentication' is. It involves two steps to logging in.  With one step, you just needed your username and password.  You entered the info and you're logged in; this is one step.  In two-factor authenticataion (or two-step authentication) uses more than just your username and password. For example, one of the first two-step authentication methods I came across was with my Discover Card account.


Eric Johnson's "Europe: Live" reaches #1 on the Billboard Blues Album Chart!  Europe: Live was recorded live from shows in Amsterdam, Germany and Paris.  Mastered by Nick Landis and released by Mascot Label Group on CD, Vinyl and Digital Download.


Samsung make nice monitors.  They seem to look better than lots of the other choices on the shelf at the big box store where we got it and we also have an HDTV made by Samsung.  So, when my computer monitor, the Samsung 2232GW started to go on the fritz, I was a little bummed.  It started with a few seconds of flickering every time it turned on or woke back up.  It would flicker for a few seconds and then settle down and be just fine.  Eventually, the flickering lasted longer and longer and I was begining to realize I may need to go buy a replacement monitor.


Since the new version of drush has come out and now requires Composer, most of the guides I've seen online don't work anymore.  Hopefully, this guide will prevent others from the headaches I went through getting this setup on my host.

First, I'm assuming you already have SSH access to your host.  If not, go get that done and come back to install drush.  It will be a little different depending on your hosting provider.

Make sure you're in your home directory

cd ~

Next, download Composer to your home directory