Viva Big Bend Music Festival 2014

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So, I went to Viva Big Bend music festival in West Texas last weekend.  I went out to attend a Grammy networking event we were hosting during the festiva.  This is the third year that there has been a "Meet the Grammys" networking event.  I took the opportunity to take the trip to the beautiful Big Bend area and I also took some pictures.  Here are a few of them.

A scenic overlook on the way out to Pecos, TX.

In Pecos, a friend showed me this really cool looking abandoned building.

On our first night in the big bend area, we went to McDonald Observatory for a star party. The smaller thumbnail looks kinda crappy, so you'll have to click to se the larger pic.

I played some pool with friends.

And listened to some music.

And there you go.  It's not all the pics I took, but some that I thought were good.