Mastering Accomplished. . . now what?

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Many clients ask me about what to do after mastering.  I don't really have a very technical understanding of the nuts and bolts behind publishing and distribution, so I just send them to our local reputable CD manufacturing broker.  At Terra Nova, we recommend Matt Eskey with Any and All Media.  He has done a great job on every project I've sent to him and will continue to recommend Matt without reservation.  While I prefer to buy my music in physical form, I know the industry is trending the other way.  The next time the question of digital distribution is asked, I am determined to give a more informed answer. There are several stores out there that sell music digitally.  The process can be confusing and time-consuming if you are an independent artist.  The easiest way is to find a service that will do most of the work for you for a small fee. CD Baby

  • $39 for an album
  • $9 for a song
  • $20/month - $199/yr for webhosting
  • Commission Fee 9% - 25%
  • UPC is $20

Included stores:  iTunes, Rhapsody, eMusic, Amazon MP3, Napster, Verizon V-Cast, Liquid Digital Media, PayPlay, AudioLunchbox, GroupieTunes, Ruckus, and others. Tunecore

  • By Track:
    • $9.99 for one song (one-time charge)
    • $9.99 per single maintenance and storage (per year)
  • By Album:
    • $0.99 per song (one-time charge)
    • $0.99 per store per album (one-time charge)
    • $19.98 per album maintenance and storage (per year)
  • UPC included

Included Stores:  iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, MusicNet, eMusic, Sony Connect, GroupieTunes, Amazon, Lala, ShockHound, Amie Street, and others. . . Reverb Nation

  • Setup fee: $34.95
  • No commission fees; artist gets 100% royalties
  • UPCincluded

Included Stores:  iTunes, Amazon, Zune,, myspace music, Spotify, others included. . . Valleyarm

  • For each “release” (single, EP or album):
    • Distribution fee to iTunes only  $39 AUD (~$38US)
    • Distribution fee to all available outlets $169 AUD (~$167US)
    • Annual renewal fee  $20 AUD (~$20US)
  • Commission fee: None, artist gets 100% royalties
  • UPC is $39 AUD (~$25 US)

Included Stores:  iTunes, eMusic, AmazonMP3, Nokia