Digital Distribution

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An update from the previous post dealing with online music distribution. Things to think about when choosing a digital distribution service:

  • be sure it is a non-exclusive agreement
  • be sure you are not signing your rights to your music away (when in doubt ask/find a lawyer)
  • how much it costs (be sure to look at startup fees and commission percentages)
  • see where your music will be available (iTunes, Zune, Amazon, Rhapsody, etc. . .)


  • $9.99/single
  • $9.99/ringtone
  • $49.99/album
  • 0% commission

Reverb Nation

  • $59.95/yr
  • $34.95/yr (limited membership)
  • 0% commission

CD Baby

  • $9.95/single
  • $39/album

Band Camp

  • Free signup
  • they take 15% "revenue share" off the top for the first $5,000 and 10% after that
  • on purchases over $100, revenue share is 0% for everything over the $100 mark


  • $25/album setup fee
  • $9.99/single setup fee
  • 5%-9% commission fee